Stopsecret Tutorial #002: Baking

Blender knowledge assumed: familiarity with the interface and how to change screen layouts, beginner’s level UV mapping.

Here is a short tutorial about how to give your objects texturing that is directly related to what you see in the render port. So let’s get baking! For starters, it is assumed you have a model you want to bake, if you don’t have one, any 3d object will do. I will be using my cool reconnicance plane.
This is how my plane looks in the rendered viewport:


Wouldn’t want one of these spyin’ on me!

I want to be able to see this in my viewport in real-time, so this is what i do:

1. Enter edit mode and unwrap the object using Smart Project

Smart Project
Smart projecting using the "U" key

2. Go to UV Editing in layouts, and create a new image, by hitting the + New button. The default settings will do for this tutorial. Hit OK.

3. Now the fun part ๐Ÿ™‚ go back into the default layout, and at the bottom of the render panel drop down the bake menu. Hit the ‘bake’ button (if your texture is not baking properly, make sure that your UVs are assigned to the texture you made!), and switch to textured view. Now your scene may look something like this:


You may notice some gross artifacts, these can be explained by the modifiers. Hitting Alt + C and converting to mesh may clear this up (You will need to unwrap it again and re-bake). When making models for games, i find it helpful to use Environment Lighting and-or Ambient Occlusion. I used both in my final bake, shown below:

The beautiful, finished product ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t forget to save your texture if you don’t want to re-bake it every time you open the file! So that is all, this technique is very useful if you are a big fan of the Blender game engine, as you get rendered-looking products at a relatively low frame rate! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it will be helpful to you! And I also enjoy comments if you want to drop one below!


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