Stopsecret tutorial #004 : simple booster flames

Blender knowledge level assumed: Intermediate

Ok, so I have a high tech spacecraft (see picture pelow) that needs some flames:

The initial setup

So what do i do first? I start by adding lights inside the boosters to make things look a bit more realistic. (NOTE: if the lights lie even slightly out of the boosters, they will look more like lamps than flame lights!) If you have many lights (as in this example) you may want to hit Ctrl + L, and link their data. This will change all the lights when an alteration is made to one of them.

After lights have been added



Now what? We now add meshes that match the shape of each booster and extrude them backwards:


you also should select each individual part (you can do this in edit mode with Ctrl + L), go to side view and UV unwrap it with project from view (Bounds). Now we can give it a material. The properties are as follows:

No specular

Emit: 2.00

Transparency : Z transparency alpha 0

Texture: Blend

Texture mapping: UV, flat

Texture influence: Color enabled 1.00, Alpha enabled 1.00

I checked the option ‘ramp’- my ramp is as follows:

My ramp

You can customize your ramp depending on your style. I also added compositing nodes for the final product, you may copy these if you wish:


Your finished flames may look something like this:

The final product

That is all, thanks for reading! If you have any thoughts about the spaceship, critiques about the flames or anything, feel free to leave a comment!


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