Cool rendering idea : Silhouettes

I recently worked up a new rendering (named The Fleet, posted below). In this rendering I have the sun coming from the back of the main objects, allowing me to make them silhouettes.  Basically, this is what the scene consists of:

Half an icosphere (skysphere)

A subsurfed plane w/ reflection and a bump map (the water)

Another plane with a ‘blend’ texture on it (the dark edges of the picture)

Flats for the ships and planes (planes use two flats, one f0r the body, the other for the wings)

Two sun lamps

The fleet
The Fleet

Some compositing, and I was done! That’s about it, you can see from the rendering that flats are easy, fast, and still look good. I hope that the picture and the post have given you inspiration! I’d love to know what you think about my post and rendering (I am open to critique! :-)), and to see your work if you come up with anything, so feel free to leave me a comment below!

Wireframe scene view
Wireframe scene view




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3 thoughts on “Cool rendering idea : Silhouettes”

  1. Awesome idea! I love the fleet. Never thought about doing a silhouette render.

    By the way, I love the new header!

    1. Thanks! It’s kind of funny, the header was actually the result of going a bit extreme on The Fleet’s compositing nodes 😛 (you can kind of see how it looks like water)

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