Vimeo test post

Just a short post of a mining spacecraft (sans the cargo containers) overview (a small project I worked up earlier today) that I hope you folks will enjoy. Note: this video is mostly to test out VIMEO embedding, so it’s not that interesting 🙂 Also, expect a tutorial sometime in the near future-


P.S: What are your thoughts on the new header?


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( I have been doing 3d for awhile now and have become skilled in both the worlds of 3d design and game development. As such, i have created a blog to show my artistic talent and share tutorials with others :)

2 thoughts on “Vimeo test post”

    1. Thank you! the header was actually a picture from a game i’m currently working on. Hopefully i’ll get up a video more interesting than that old thing up top soon… 🙂

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