Boom Inc.!!! (a.k.a: the blurry photo, continued)

Ok, so here’s the explanation to the post awhile back (The Blurry Photo). It turns out, it is actually  game I have been working on that has been taking awhile. The real photo actually looks like this:

Clearer picture
Clearer picture








Here is the premise of the game, with some more photos,

Name: Boom inc.

Basic idea: you are in a world with a machine that creates track sections in front of you. Also, to make things even worse, after a certain period of time, the track behind you commences exploding, causing you to fall off if you lag back. Your car is also equipped with nitrous tanks, which can be refilled along the way as ‘pickups’. The different track sections include jumps, obstacles, cages, narrow bridges, and more! It starts at daytime (as seen above) and goes through the night, in which the track creating machine has a… well, I’ll leave that as a surprise 😉 I will try to get you guys a trailer soon. The driver has gone through three revisions so far, one of them including Justin Beiber :p anyway, see attached pictures (sorry about the sloppiness of my project folder :)):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please feel free to comment! critiques (other than those telling me to organize my project folder ;)) are more than welcome! I may also get a demo out (If I could find a good file hosting place…)

I want to eventually publish this on, but i need to finish it first. Right now I have that developer ‘I really am getting tired of this, and don’t feel like finishing it’ feeling, so it may be quite awhile before I finish it. But, until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

-Stopsecret design

P.S: I’m too cheap for pro, so this whole thing was made on Unity basic 🙂


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