Another preview of my work…

Here’s another preview of my work, showing some spaceships I have made. Due to their low polygonal nature, they are great for games! If I could, I would post the files for you guys, but I don’t have a nifty sharing host… Oh, and by the way, if any of you know great file hosting places for me, please, please mention them in the comments! 🙂 Anyway, back on topic! so here are pictures of my work, please tell me what you think!











“Tadpole”, named that because, well, it kinda looks like one! 😛










“Wasp”, slightly more bulky than the Tadpole, and not as fast, but more powerful.

Oh, and sorry about the metrics. Not that I’m a metric guy, that’s just what the ruler happened to be in… Also, you may notice the fun shadows under the ships. If you wanna know how I did it…

Bonus! Tutorial: Blob shadows

For those of us too cheap to buy Unity Pro, there is a tactic called Blob Shadows. Basically, it is an image projected onto the ground, if you want a basic one import the Unity package “Projectors” into your project. In this case I used flat planes. So, let’s go!

1. hit the y axis on the gizmo in the top right of your unity screen (numpad 7 in blender)

2. Go into your favorite image editing program, cut out the background so you have a transparent image of your desired object. (if your background is one solid color, you may want to use your ‘wand’)

3. Change it black by turning down the brightness, or circling the area and filling it in.

4. Apply a blur to the object (I recommend Gaussian Blur) and save your image.

5. In your program create a plane under your object and  apply the texture, rotating as needed. If you’re using Unity for this, you might want to use Particles > Multiply or Transparent > Diffuse. If you are in blender, make a new material, turn on both shadeless and z transparency, setting the alpha value to 0. Then create new texture (image or movie) open your image, and check the ‘alpha’ value under influence.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the bonus tutorial! Thanks for reading! And, as always, I love to hear what you think!

-Stopsecret Design

P.S: There may be another video tutorial in your near future…..


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( I have been doing 3d for awhile now and have become skilled in both the worlds of 3d design and game development. As such, i have created a blog to show my artistic talent and share tutorials with others :)

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