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Hello all!

I would like to take this post and talk about ‘social’ games. So what are social games these days? They are generally games online or on Facebook that allow you to play with friends or ‘internet friends’ (people you’ve never met in your life but are your Facebook friends, twitter followers, or completely random people). So what is up with these? They’re everywhere, fantasy is the most popular it seems like… What were the old ‘social’ games? Now these were the real fun ones. Now, back in the days where people used to actually visit one another (can you believe it?), there were games for the Play Station (one), old Nintendo systems etc. Where, believe it or not, people that played with one another used to actually be in the same room! Yes, sitting next to each other! Nowadays you can still find these gems, but seriously, why play with someone the classic way when you have all the modern conveniences of Xbox Live, Play Station Network and internet gaming capabilities at your fingertips? Because America is on a  (deteriorating) social grade geared more toward having a million fake friends than a handful of genuine ones. As a game developer, I have made some ‘revised social games’, and it can be fun playing 20 rounds of toy dogfighters with three people squished on to the same keyboard. Not sitting isolated by yourself playing LittleBigPlanet with BananaPeel56, some random person you friended just because they had the same game. So get out there, invite some friends over and give ‘revised social gaming’ a whirl! 🙂

-Stopsecret Design


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(stopsecretdesign.wordpress.com) I have been doing 3d for awhile now and have become skilled in both the worlds of 3d design and game development. As such, i have created a blog to show my artistic talent and share tutorials with others :)

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