“Why I don’t ‘like’ posts” follow-up

At last! I don’t know if this is due to complaints from bloggers or what but they’ve finally changed it. Changed what? well, you all may remember awhile back this post:

Link to “why I don’t like posts (the stalker button)” 

So, if you don’t want to read the thing, I basically went on  a rant due to the amount of information WordPress gave when a post was ‘liked’, well, now this has changed! It doesn’t show their email or their location! (I’m most happy about that last one ;)) So, if I start ‘liking’ posts again, now you know why. 🙂


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(stopsecretdesign.wordpress.com) I have been doing 3d for awhile now and have become skilled in both the worlds of 3d design and game development. As such, i have created a blog to show my artistic talent and share tutorials with others :)

Comments and feedback are appreciated :)

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