BOX. (2nd development post)

Hello Readers! This is the second post I’m doing on ‘BOX’, the game I posted about last time, at this point, it’s getting close to being done. Here are the stats:

14 levels

A gigantic Boss to face at the end

You get to play as Box, a tank, and Box (with guns and a booster) as you progress.

There are turrets, tanks, red Boxes (haha, not the movie rental service :P)

I stil have to work on quite a bit, such as making sure all the levels are beatable, making sure you can’t cheat by jumping out of game bounds, etc. It also needs an options menu, and a place where you can continue an older game. Besides that, I may want to polish up the levels a bit to finish things off 🙂

Here’s some screens:

And, for those of you who want to see what the game is like, here’s a web-player link. it should be limited to the training levels, unless I made a mistake. (if so, lucky you) Note: you will need Unity Web Player to play this, also, I don’t know if this will work, seeing as it was built with a beta version. so, what are you waiting for? give it a go!

Click this link

Thanks for reading!

-Stopsecret Design





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