LEGO fan made game success

Hello everyone.
My name is Stopsecret.
Maybe you’ve heard of me?
I am a former coder of Project B.U.I.L.D and The Legend Team. I am here today to show you why all other teams seem to be ‘failing’.
I am going to schematically lay out the inside structures of the people who were involved and what projects they have going on. You will see exactly, what has been going on, and how things will take a turn in the future. Get ready for Stopsecret tells all.
Jk, lol, while I’m not going to do that (you can return to your regular heartbeats Project B.U.I.L.D…) I will try and help you others out.
The solution is somewhat simple.
I can boil down everyone’s problems to two words.

I had both when I came onto the fan game scene, and I was successful. And you guys need to get both. A good head on your shoulders helps.

Experience : My background
The thing that helped me was that TLT and PB were not the first time I had ever made games. I had been making games before I read about TLT and PB, and I had gotten good at making games. I was making them as a one man show. No teammates, just basically the internets, some applications, and past experience. I had been good at math too, which helps a lot in coding, although is not particularly essential. By the time I came to TLT and PB, I was probably nearing the ‘intermediate’ level of game designing.

This is the first point where I think a lot of you are failing. You need experience. Unity has made it very simple to get by just even writing simple code. The whole thing is AMAZING how they put it together, and it isn’t too hard to learn with a good brain and time.

A key ingredient to experience is time. It takes a long time to develop coding skills. It takes a long time to develop game development skills. They can be killed by too much time in online internet forums and not enough time in the interface. You can’t merely expect skills to appear when you’re only putting in a little bit of time. Try turning wi-fi off for awhile while working in Unity 😉

Don’t get discouraged when you try a game and fail at it. The only way a game is a failure is if you didn’t learn anything. But by the same token, don’t try to tackle huge things at first. New to coding? Then please people, don’t try making a whole brick building system! Start with something simple like tweaking a character controller, making simple enemies.

Only hire the best.
Just because these FLOG’s (fan of lego online games I think it was once called) are free doesn’t mean you need to hire anyone who asks. Ask for talent, and only hire talent. That way, by not letting everyone in, you will get the best talent and you can start to make progress. The way TLT hired me was through a coding contest to prove my skills. You can do the same. I got into project B.U.I.L.D assumably because of my skills (the guys on the inside maybe think differently :P). Try recruiting good game making stock, not just people who say they’re skilled in LDD.

Also, coding. Coding is maybe more pivotal than you guys realize. Whereas art makes things look pretty, coding makes things run. A game that just looks pretty is like a Lamborghini without an engine. A game that’s ugly but functional is like a beat up car that goes 200 miles an hour. Which would you rather drive? Conceptualizing and art is great, but back it up with some substance!

And on the chance that you can’t find anyone (quite likely), SIT DOWN AND LEARN THINGS FOR YOURSELF! There are plenty of good tutorials out there. You can even copy and paste code from the Unity Script Reference! As a matter of fact, that’s a great place to start. Because once you start copying and pasting, you can see how things work!

So take these keys to success, experience and coding, go get some, and then go make a great FLOG! 😉



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( I have been doing 3d for awhile now and have become skilled in both the worlds of 3d design and game development. As such, i have created a blog to show my artistic talent and share tutorials with others :)

2 thoughts on “LEGO fan made game success”

  1. Exactly! I realized that soon before TLT closed down. 😛

    The same thing applies to 3D modeling. I learned a lot last year (when I started) and just yesterday, I learned about Hooks in Blender! 😛

    Sooo…. does this mean you are coming back to the mayhem of LEGO game making? (jk!) 😛

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