In London!

Hi all! I’m typing from a tiny screen on a complementary iPhone right now at the place were staying. (Not that the iPhone is free to take, although that would be sweet, but that we Can use it while we’re here.) while navigating on this tiny screen it appears I have also clicked the like buttons on some of the people I’ve followed’s posts. Please note that these were accidental. πŸ˜› anyway, now that I’ve done it, why don’t you go visit the sites? They are as follows:

Β two of them are virtual friends and one is a real life friend.Β go see them and enjoy πŸ˜‰

its been nice here. The tube (subway) is fun to ride on. We’ve done a lot of walking. the weather has been good too. Anyway, I should be back later this week.


(hope I didn’t make any URL mistakes…)



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( I have been doing 3d for awhile now and have become skilled in both the worlds of 3d design and game development. As such, i have created a blog to show my artistic talent and share tutorials with others :)

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