Express Yourself…or Your 3d Model!

Yesterday I decided to model a face. I found a tutorial that showed someone making a face, and made my own. I used my own face as reference (just to let you know, I don’t really look like the face you see in the render). It seemed to come out pretty well. Then I animated it. I was sort of inspired after seeing some video game facial animation.

Here are some of the techniques I used:

  1. Armature head
    1. The head had a simple rig to control head movement
  2. Eye constraints
    1. There was an empty object a ways off
    2. Both eyes were given constraints to track to this object.
  3. Shape keys
    1. Facial expression was controlled by shape keys
    2. Key frames were given to the power of the shape keys
  4. Eyes
    1. The eyes have a modified texture from this post: LINK
    2. Their reflection map is below
Eye reflection (different format)
Eye reflection (different format)

I release the eye reflection under Creative Commons 0.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the video!



Time Lapse Futuristic Racer Texturing/Rendering

Here’s what you could call the ‘second part’ if you saw the video I had posted before.


Finished Render:
Final Render






How should I put this?

(Textures thanks to Texturer and CGTextures)


Let’s just say, I’m a working man right now, and I don’t have a lot of free time lying around like I used to. The time I do have lying around I don’t exactly want to put into renders like these. πŸ˜› So, I’m postponing/getting rid of this whole render a week thing. It was a nice idea. If it were ever to become part of my career path, I might pick it up again. Anyway, enjoy this half-baked (har har), well…maybe notΒ evenΒ that much baked render. I got the idea from Andrew Price’s bread tutorial.

(begin random SS’s life commentary)

Speaking of food, it looks like I’m going to spend a lot of time near it working in my family’s diner. Β I guess I’m half coming to the realization that these 3d games, renders, are sort of a dream job. Please don’t read me wrong. I’m not totally bashing following your dream. Sometimes though, you may need a bit of compromise. Sometimes you may need to bend to meet what’s needed in the workforce. And you never know where life will lead you. I’m skilled in 3d, I can code in Unity, and I’ve found myself spending a lot of time in the back of a diner scrubbing dishes πŸ˜‰

Not trying to put you down if you see 3D in your future. Indeed, maybe someday I will get to follow my past dreams and make digital worlds. But maybe not. Maybe it will just be a hobby. Maybe I’ll find life itself more interesting. Maybe doing the less pleasant job (coding in general for a living) will get me further.

I was working in the diner. I was up front, talking with one of the customers. I was talking about how much work I had ahead of me. The man, an older man, said:

“It could be the rest of your life.”

Or words to that effect. And that sort of stuck with me. Maybe I will work in this sort of a capacity for the rest of my life. Maybe I will have to grind to live comfortably. And maybe that will give me more character than if opportunity just fell in my lap.

(end random SS’s life commentary)

That’s all for now!


Render Of The Week 2 : Modern Style Apartment

Well, here it is. Rendered in [Insert gasp here] Cycles! The experiment is complete! (And it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself :P) Enjoy!

Wood Texture Credit

Idea credit Freshome

Rendered in cycles. 4000 samples. Time : 6 hrs 34 min 9 sec (If I’m reading it correctly :P)

Compositing in Photoshop.

(Click To Enlarge)
(Click To Enlarge)

P.S: I still consider this render two since the last one was only a clay render πŸ˜›

Render of the week 2: Archtecture

Hi All! Well, it’s weekly render time… Prepare yourself…

Clay Render
Clay Render of Scene

(Please note this render is also missing the window curtain. Adding this would have darkened the scene. It was hidden at the time)

Ok, perhaps not all you were expecting… But…

Well… Truth is, I’m inclined to be a bit, er, lazy. Had I been cranking, I probably could have got a lot of this done faster. Thing is, this isn’t all there is to this project. I intend to go into next week working on the render side of things. Also, I think I will be, for the first time in a long time, RELEASING A TUTORIAL! Albeit a small one, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚ I might have also got this done in my pace had things been a bit easier on me this week. Let’s just say, family diner, summer season, grill help on vacation…


So, that’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed. I’m also getting into (yes, finally!) the Cycles render engine. It’s actually not that bad. Sometimes you have to press into the uncomfortable to grow. By the end of next week, I ought to have a finished render in Cycles of this scene.

Also, credit goes to Freshome for the idea:

Link to article

Thanks Freshome!

And thanks to you for reading!





Worked on Photon networked paintball game in Unity! πŸ˜›

Paintball Game


Although I call it a culprit, and I did spend time working at a diner, the real culprit is my laziness. It’s a lot about what you do with what you have.


Haha, Β [photo credit Amazon]


This render you see is the beginning of a fight. A fight against the stagnation I’ve been facing.

At a certain point (maybe others can relate to me, not just in 3d), you just hit a plateau. A point where you’re so good at 3d you can do a ton of stuff. And then there’s the temptation to relax. This render is one of the first blows in a fight against that.

But, enough of that, onto the render.

It’s called ‘Archeological find’. The premise is that a futuristic guy finds an IPhone from the past.

1. Things I learned from this render:

2. When making people in sculpting, make sure you think of where they will bend, especially with armor. (note the gross shoulder pads).

3. You should probably apply a mirror modifier before texturing (to avoid stretching and make it look more realistic by being non-symmetrical).

4. The blender texture paint system is VERY cool.

Also as a note to you guys, I did not use a defocus node. The background is a separate layer. This allowed me to make it as blurry as I wanted.

Sculpt in Sculptris. Basemesh by sculptris. Texturing thanks to A lot of the texture work and some postprocessing done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. Thanks to Apple (IPhone texture and dimensions). Rendered in Blender Internal.

Without Photoshop Postpro:


With Photoshop Postpro:


I plan to start doing a render per week to get my skill back up. Stay tuned!


Oh, look, it’s an… EWW!!!

Ok, has this ever happened to you? You work on a render, and then it fails? Guess what happened to me?

Introducing, a puke flavored smoothie!




Maybe you wouldn’t enjoy something like that.

I think someone asked if it was ‘mustard with chocolate chips’. πŸ˜›


While we’re on the topic of rendering smoothies, I’d like to point you to a 3d website.

You all may know of my work on The Legend Team. Here’s the website of former leader Rioforce:

Rendered Smoothie

Go visit it, people, give him some views! πŸ˜›

Have you ever tried rendering something and it came out looking like, well, puke, or something disgusting? πŸ˜› Please comment below if you’ve ever failed at rendering (attach photos! :))

-Stopsecret Design