I’m on the asset store now!

Hey guys!

It’s been up for awhile, but figured I’d post it anyway, albeit late. I uploaded my first asset to the asset store recently. Check it out!



How to succeed

Most people may think success simply falls into someone’s lap. That it’s random. That it takes one great idea. There may be freak cases in which someone will have something lucky happen to them (Inheritance of $20 mil) and that may be random. Perhaps some people get that grand idea in their mind and find themselves successful. But I would argue there’s also a different type of success.

I have learned this type while working on Bitdrill. It is the type of success that comes from hard work. your idea is your material, but a pile of metal and screws is far from an assembled airplane. It takes a long time to realize that idea through hard work.  It is the same with Bitdrill, it took a long time to realize the game. Now it’s practically beta.

Inspiration is like Nitro, maybe use some at the start and boost along your project. It’s fun, fast, and exhilarating. But in the same way you wouldn’t run a car purely on nitro, so you should not run a project on inspiration. Because when the nitro fizzles out, the real champions will come forward, the ones who know that Nitro is unreliable and will switch over to the motor of hard work.

Maybe you have an idea. It could be a good idea. The premise could be totally new and original. Try pushing through this time. Don’t let yourself stop. Perhaps this year you could make a resolution to finish. Or you could join the pile of projects (I have a lot of crashed ones in their too) that have stopped after the first mile.