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Hi all! Stopsecret here! Something you don’t know how to do in Blender/Unity and need help? Or something you’ve always wanted to know how to do? Feel free to comment here and you may see your tutorial posted sometime in the future! Thanks!

Note: Stopsecret Design reserves the right to refuse/deny any tutorials on any basis whatsoever. Posting suggestions here does not guarantee your tutorial. Thanks!


43 thoughts on “Request a Tutorial”

  1. Hey,
    I need help on making characters…someone else on our team may help….but….could u give a short tutorial on how to make characters in blender please?


  2. One thing I have been pondering for a while is how to make realistic large planets for a spaceship game as well as a sun in blender so you can use them in unity and configure the ligt emiting from the sun so it wont blind you when staring directly at it.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Hello,
    I was looking for a spaceship controller, and I was yours. Truly awsome.
    However, there is one thing I still haven’t figured out how to make: Making the camera follow behind the spaceship loosely, like the one in your demo. Could you upload that script as well, or at least tell how to do it?

  4. hi SS!
    i have a tut. recuest. can you make a tut how to make a character create in unity and how to put that character in the following scene ? ( i mean you can play with that character in levels)
    thanks for your awnser!

    1. That’s kind of hard to do, especially if you aren’t familiar with coding. Have you tried messing around with something called PlayerPrefs? That may help you in the transfer. Also, I think Unity has a character customization example…

      1. I made a little character create thing, but how can i make it so that the created character can be inserted in the next level?

        ^a link to my character create video

      2. Again, you may want to check out PlayerPrefs, the ability to store things locally on your computer. You could save, say your player has shirt type 1, and pants type 8

        PlayerPrefs.SetInt(“ShirtType”, 1);
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt(“PantsType”, 8);

        then you could access them later in the next level,

        shirt = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(“ShirtType”);
        pants = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(“PantsType”);

        Hope this helps!


  5. SS I need your help, btw i can code JS very well and was wanting to join TLT but no one is answering me 😦 anyways, please can you help me with an inventory? I have got everything apart from the part where you pick up two items, the first item goes into the first slot but the second item goes into the second slot. I have been trying for a while and was wondering if you could PLEASE, please please help me? Like i say i CAN JS very well but i am just having trouble with that :\

    1. For the inventory in Js, I recommend using classes and arrays. Like:

      class items {
      var name = “Item name”;
      var image : Texture2D;
      var amount = 0;
      var item : items[];

      This type of coding ought to create multiple items you can then use. When you want to access them, like say you want to access the image of the fifth item, you could do something like:

      var imageItem5 = item[4].image

      Hope this helps!

      (You can also make the function that could scan the inventory for free space, look for duplicates, etc. I’m not sure if you’re to that point with JS)


      1. And yes, when you said about searching the inventory for empty slots, that’s what i need, so that when i collide with an object that object goes into the inventory. So that i can then pick up multiple items and they all go into differnet slots of the inventory.
        could you help me?

      2. Calling functions that return values are something very important to Js. I’m pretty sure you do something like this:

        function CheckForEmpty () : int {
        var returnedItem = false;
        var m = 0;
        for(var slot : items in item){
        if(slot.amount == 0){
        print(“Slot is empty”);
        return m;

        then you could call the function later in the script to see if there’s an empty slot, and which one it is:

        item[CheckForEmpty()] = newItem;

        A setup like that will hopefully work.

  6. SS it would be very nice of you if you know how i can get a shoip script, damge script, and a inventroy and a coin system. I know that it is much but that is the noly script i need for the game, and a transport scriop that allows you to go to other scene in unity. I know that it is many scripts, but i do only need them for the game. please cna you make them pelase.

  7. I have a request for you SS. Could you throw together a tutorial for your Script + Spaceship page? I’m mostly looking for the content of:
    1. how you placed the planet in the back ground(as well as the space fog) <pretty sure its not a skybox and if it is please let me know how you did that.}
    2. the particle emitters and camera flares for the engines.
    3. the sun in the back ground.
    4. how you constructed the weapon.

    should be a piece of cake for you. if you have a better tutorial on hand for these items please link. thanks!

  8. PLEASE make a tutorial for the shooting of this awesome script+spaceship – spaceship :3
    Btw. this is the best tutorial site Ive ever seen !

    1. It looks like you have the textures of that model way to big. i dont know how to fix that but i think that is what is happening.

  9. Hey I’m trying to make a controller that runs the running animation when I run. Could you give me a tutorial on how to make a animation controller and the script its self?

  10. Hi SS,
    Could you make a tutorial please about how to make a brick building system with multiple bricks you can choose from (with grid etc.) Because I have one but it’s only for one brick and IDK how make a script with more bricks in grid.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. thanks for the great space game giveaway. We are constructing a site with free codes available or indy programmers. Would you mind if i added your spaceship controller code??( with link backs and credentials of course).

    1. You’re welcome, hope you will find the space game useful! I wouldn’t mind you posting the code, go right on ahead! 🙂 Oh, and the site link doesn’t seem to work. I’d like to check your site out if you could re-post the link! Thanks!


  12. Hello. I wonder if you know how to it is possible to make a game in 2D traditional animation, With everything drawn for hand, but still having the game in third person perspective and the camera moving along side the character. In other words is it possible to make a game, with 2D graphic, into a 3D environment?

      1. Ok, thanks. Do you know a game engine, or a way in unity, to import 2D images in the game engine and make everything react with the written codes? Since what i know is it only possible to create games in 3D with most game engines and attach the scripts to them.

  13. Hello, i want to make an open world spacemultiplayer game. So you have a 1:1 World and sun and other planets. But Unity don’t exsept so big planets how i can do a Space System ? (with chunks?) thank you for reading ^^

  14. Hello my name is Jonathan, recently followed a tutorial on his a game of spacecraft in unity 3d scripts were excellent and got great results, however I would like to know if you podeira help me make a change, instead of the DIRECT ship the keyboard, I would like to move it by mouse and gently, keeping the rest of the commands, just driving it with the mouse .. if you can help me because they do not know much about programming ..

    that’s it, above all if English is bad, it is because Google translator XD … anyway, thanks for listening 🙂

  15. Hi, really interested in buying your elevator asset from the unity asset store – the thing that is still making me undecided is the trigger function. Could you explain how this works or maybe make a quick tutorial about it please?

    Can you call the elevator if its at a different way point? Say im at way point 4 can it come pick me up and take me away?

    Can you tell it to move from any way point to another – say from way point 5 to way point 1 using triggers?

    Does it come with a control panel to tell it which way point to go to?

    I guess what im asking is, can you make it work like a real elevator to go up and down different floors and choose any you want to go to?

  16. Since you shared that excellent spacecraft script it would be a great idea to do a blender tutorial on designing a cockpit then import into the model into Unity and attach the script.

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