At last, an FPS where no one dies

Hi guys!

This game took me maybe four days in total. Whipped up a LAN fps ‘laser tag’ game. No blood, gore, death. When you lose all your ‘health’, your gun just says ‘gg’ (good game) and you can run around the map in a spectator mode. I tried to get it so that it could be played over more than LAN (using a server) but had a hard time with that.


Believe it or not, I work on small games like this a lot, but rarely post my progress online 😉



Cognition is out!

Cognition is out!


Here you go guys! This is a link to another game I released on Kongregate, called ‘Cognition’. It’s a 1st person puzzle game. You can also find the walkthrough here if you get stuck: