Subway Project

Hey guys! Long time no post 😉

Here’s a portfolio project I’ve been working on. stretching into the art realm a bit more than usual (I usually do a lot more coding)
It’s set in a totalitarian regime subway. I’ll let you can guess what the flag was influenced by…

Made in Blender3D, textures via Texturer and CGTextures, put together in Unity.

Webplayer Link


At last, an FPS where no one dies

Hi guys!

This game took me maybe four days in total. Whipped up a LAN fps ‘laser tag’ game. No blood, gore, death. When you lose all your ‘health’, your gun just says ‘gg’ (good game) and you can run around the map in a spectator mode. I tried to get it so that it could be played over more than LAN (using a server) but had a hard time with that.


Believe it or not, I work on small games like this a lot, but rarely post my progress online 😉



Hi all! I have been working on a Humvee lately, and am happy with the results 🙂 This came out really well, and I think I may sell it on Unity’s asset store. It comes with various paint jobs, as you can see below. Anyway, it could be a great opportunity for actually making money off my hobby. If I do go through with selling it, expect another blog post soon 😉 Gallery below:

For those of you who are not content just looking, here is a webplayer showcase (ctrl to change textures):

Click to play


-Bluish Clean


-Dirty Green

-Gray Rusty

-Light Green

So, can I ask you, my readers, a few things? If you were, theoretically, a game developer, and this fit the style of your game, would you buy this? If so, how much would you pay? Is there any features that turned you off when you looked in the gallery or played the web-player? Feel free to comment below!

-Stopsecret Design

Toy Dogfighters 2 (web-player)

Yes, folks,

Here’s a web-player of the game mentioned here. Now, there are several things to note. Certain aspects of this game may be undesirable to the public, but to those select few who get the hang of it and enjoy it, this ought to be a blast 😉

So, the first thing about this is it’s a ‘revised social game‘. Yes, split screen! (wahoo!) so be sure to have some friends play it with you 🙂

The split screen consists of 3 players, yes, one of you gets the big screen! The controls are rather complex (roll, pitch, and yaw… oh yeah :D)

So, you may be wondering how I managed to fit three players onto one keyboard… Be prepared for a squeeze…

Player one :

Roll: <, >

Pitch: up, down

Yaw: left, right

Power: [, ]

Fire: right ctrl

Player two :

Roll: q, w

Pitch: f, r

Yaw: d, g

Power: a, s

Fire: e

Player three :

Roll: t, y

Pitch: k, i

Yaw: j, l

Power: b, n

Fire: space

Hey! You try fitting three people onto the same keyboard!

So, I hope you enjoy playing! I can let you figure out the tricks yourself 😉 Have fun exploring, and dogfighting! If you have any comments, please leave them below!

Here’s the link:

Click to play (dropbox)

Enjoy! 😀


Toy Dogfighters 2

So, time for Stopsecret’s ‘end-of-the-week-I-better-post-this-so-I-can-do-the-post-a-week-thing’ post. lol

So, what have I been up to? Well, here’s some eye candy for you! Shots from the game  I’ve been working on… Titled ‘Toy Dogfighters 2’, this game is about toy planes that go at each other, you being the controller. Think flight combat simulator on a smaller scale 😛

This post will feature some screens from it, I may add a demo later. But first I should make it so my game is free of copyrighted stuff from other people, if there is any…

Here’s the gallery which I hope will impress you! Then I will talk a bit more about the game!

Impressed? Still wondering about the plate? lol 🙂 Ok, so here’s more about the game now:

Power-ups? These may make you laugh…

  1. Candy bombs : pieces of candy dropped from the plane, good for if your opponent is sitting on the ground!
  2. Popcorn machine-gun: 😛 machine gun that fires popcorn at your opponents.
  3. Firecracker mines: Firecrackers with propellers on the top, dropped in the air for your opponent to run into. (beware: try not to run into these things yourself!)
  4. Plate shooter : Shoots plates with ‘Have a nice day!’ and a smiley face printed on them.
  5. Shocker power-up : A high powered shocker, let’s hope you have good aim! 😛

There’s also a customization scene where you can change the look of your plane!

Yes, it may be kind of mean to tell you all this stuff without a demo! But maybe I’ll get one to you guys soon enough.

Actually… Sure, why not?! Here’s a walkthrough for you showcasing the house:

Click this link to play!

Enjoy 😉

So, another cool thing about this game is it can be three players! (haha, wouldn’t you like to see the keyboard configuration for that? ;))Yeah, I think it would make a great internet multiplayer! I’d love to hear your thoughts about the house! and the game in general, if you had any other power-up ideas I’d love to hear them, too! I would also appreciate it if you had any critique to give me!

-Stopsecret Design

BOX. (Back again!)

Hello all!

So the wheels have started turning again on the project BOX, and it is getting near to completion 🙂

The game, for a start, is beatable (a characteristic I think all games should have :P), so now I need some improvements. Some of the bigger things to fix:

  • Work on the options room
  • Make sure the ‘continue quest’ room works as it should
  • Fix boss level, and make it’s ending more EPIC! 😉
  • Add game bounds to certain parts of game
  • Add intro (maybe?)

So, I also have for you the BOX theme I made, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Click to listen (dropbox)

You can also right-click and save it, in case you want to put it in your music library! Hopefully I’ll have it submitted to the game site Shockwave before the end of this month, and be able to rake in a little cash for my efforts 😉 Here is also some more from the BOX gallery:


That is all for now,

-Stopsecret Design