Subway Project

Hey guys! Long time no post 😉

Here’s a portfolio project I’ve been working on. stretching into the art realm a bit more than usual (I usually do a lot more coding)
It’s set in a totalitarian regime subway. I’ll let you can guess what the flag was influenced by…

Made in Blender3D, textures via Texturer and CGTextures, put together in Unity.

Webplayer Link


Toy Dogfighters 2 (web-player)

Yes, folks,

Here’s a web-player of the game mentioned here. Now, there are several things to note. Certain aspects of this game may be undesirable to the public, but to those select few who get the hang of it and enjoy it, this ought to be a blast 😉

So, the first thing about this is it’s a ‘revised social game‘. Yes, split screen! (wahoo!) so be sure to have some friends play it with you 🙂

The split screen consists of 3 players, yes, one of you gets the big screen! The controls are rather complex (roll, pitch, and yaw… oh yeah :D)

So, you may be wondering how I managed to fit three players onto one keyboard… Be prepared for a squeeze…

Player one :

Roll: <, >

Pitch: up, down

Yaw: left, right

Power: [, ]

Fire: right ctrl

Player two :

Roll: q, w

Pitch: f, r

Yaw: d, g

Power: a, s

Fire: e

Player three :

Roll: t, y

Pitch: k, i

Yaw: j, l

Power: b, n

Fire: space

Hey! You try fitting three people onto the same keyboard!

So, I hope you enjoy playing! I can let you figure out the tricks yourself 😉 Have fun exploring, and dogfighting! If you have any comments, please leave them below!

Here’s the link:

Click to play (dropbox)

Enjoy! 😀